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Helicopter Safaris

Highlights include :

Great Rift Valley view Point",

Lake Nakuru is famously known  for the "White Rhinos", the "Rare Rothschild Giraffes, Impalas, Zebras, Buffaloes, Lions"among other animals. There are a variety of Bidrs i.e Peilcans, Cormorants, Fish Eagles, and some few Flamingos at the moment due to Climate change.

You have a chance of exploring the Park with a visit to "Baboon Cliff" where you will stop and have a whole view of the Park and the Nakuru Town, you will proceed with your Game viewing and later on visit the "Makalia Water Falls".

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Highlights include the Great Rift Valley view Point",

Historical Smallest Catholic Church in the World" build by the Italians Prisoners in one Day. This church holds a Maximum of 12 Persons at once, making it the smallest church in the World.

Unique  Boat Ride  experience within the Fresh water Lake to see family of Hippopotamus and a vast variety of birds, i.e Fish Eagle, King Fisher, Pelicans, Cormorants e.t.c.  After this Experience, drive to to the Crescent Island, for a nature walk with a naturalist guide. You have an  opportunity to walk close to the animals like the Giraffes, Water bucks, Gazelles, Impalas, Zebras, Monkeys, Baboons e.t.c. This is one of the special experience walking in the nature close to the animals without predators.

Cycle the Bicycles within the Park at no danger since there are no predators.

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At KITS, we have put in place measures in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines to ensure safety of our guests in the new normal.
Below are some safety protocols our guests will experience while travelling with us:

Process at Entry

  • Screening using a non-contact infrared thermometer.
  • Sanitization of both your hands and luggage.
  • Visual observation of COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Wear mask at all times during the journey.
  • Provide COVID-19 Negative certificate for verification
  • Be provided with the Ministry of health hotline numbers for any health emergency.

Our Staff

  • Creating and implementing staff protocols and guidelines, including tour guide, coach/drivers and local specialists, and operations.
  • Provided our staff with the tools and information necessary regarding infection control, physical contact, sharing of food and utensils, appropriate attire, and enhanced hygiene measures, the use of masks and gloves as recommended by local health authorities.
  • Requested that key stakeholders such as partner venues, hotels and transport partners have trained their staff on the basis of like-minded protocols to enable consistent approach across sector.
  • Regular monitoring of well-being of team members by leadership, encouraging them to following governmental and WHO guidelines.
  • Minimise walk-in clients and encourage online bookings.


During Tour/Safari

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use hand sanitizer at the  beginning, during and at the end of the tour, after going to the bathroom, before and after eating and after touching your face or hair.
  • Maintain 1.5 Metres Distance from other tour groups always.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.
  • Use the provided stickers to mark your water bottles.
  • Avoid sharing things such as goggles, caps, binoculars or sanitize regularly.
  • Report immediately if you feel unwell before, during or after the tour.
  • Any participant who is unwell with symptoms such as sore throat, runny or blocked nose should stay at home and not attend tours.
  • Disembarking will take place only at designated points.
  • Pick up of guests for tours will be done from an approved accommodation provider, cruise port, licensed tour operator or designated tour point only.

General protocols

  • The tour vehicle will be sanitized after every disembarking
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes available for use inside the vehicle.
  • Additional face masks available in the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is allowed to carry a maximum of seven (7) guests only in line with the Ministry of health guideline of 1.5 meters distance.


We encourage our guests to use cashless payment technologies to avoid contacts with solid cash. These technologies include:

  • Internet banking
  • Direct Bank Transfers - Western Union, Money Gram etc
  • Mobile banking

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Highlights in this One Day trip to Hell's Gate include riding a bicycle in the park where you can see animals like Zebras,Gazelles, Warthogs and Baboons.
The park is scenic with deep gulleys , caves and rocks for those who prefer such adventures.

There are no predators in this park.
Contact us today for a full customized itinerary of this tour tailored to your needs.

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For those with larger travel budgets who wish to cover plenty of ground on their safari, charter helicopters are available. A helicopter is a perfect way to access remote areas quickly and easily, without need for landing strips or clearances. Some of the ranches in Laikipia can arrange ‘heli-camping’ in which a helicopter is used to transport guests to remote destinations where a luxury camp awaits. This is also an out of this world way to see the local landscapes and wildlife.

Payments Accepted